“Where De Cho Dey?”

Art Exhibition by Bright Ackwerh.

July, 2019. Goethe-Institut, Accra, Ghana.

Bright Ackwerh is a young Ghanaian satirical artist whose provocative works immediately spark  laughter and discussion.


Bright’s work cleverly juxtaposes politics, pop-culture and humor; discussing sensitive contemporary political issues in a light-hearted manner. A key element that runs through most of his work is the use of food culture to illuminate issues. “Where De Chow Dey?” is Pidgin English for “Where’s The Food?”

At this exhibition, on Bright’s colour-filled canvases were cameo appearances by Nana Akufo-Addo, Muhammadu Buhari, The Late Robert Mugabe, Donald Trump, Queen Elizabeth II, Xi Jinping, Emmanuel Macron, and many others. He uses these powerful political figures to present pertinent issues, mostly the plight of the African at the mercy of local politicians, Western and Eastern powers.

He also makes apt references to religious themes and popular American fantasy drama television series “Game of Thrones”.

Without a doubt, Bright is one of the young Ghanaian artists to look out for. He effortlessly leaves viewers holding their ribs while pondering important issues. His quick-wit shines through, as he positions himself as a true artist: delighting and educating audiences.

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