Africa By Design Exhibition 2019

Exhibition: Africa By Design.

August, 2019. Ghana Club, Accra, Ghana.


AFRICA BY DESIGN is a creative collective that aims to develop ideas and talents within Africa by re-igniting Africans’ sense of pride and empowering innovation and conviction; leveraging on the continent’s rich cultural heritage and relevant contemporary designs.

Africa By Design’s platform hence showcases the very best of African design talent, celebrating their skills and craft. With designers currently hailing from Ghana, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Nigeria, Mali, Senegal, Ethiopia and Kenya, the collective confidently presents a crop of genius African artists and innovators.

At the Ghana Club, off Accra’s High Street, this year’s exhibition took place over a period of seven days and showcased brilliant works from designers representing eight African countries. The works on display were classified under Environmental Design, Furniture & Product Design and Textile Design. Exhibiting Designers included Michael Tetteh, Na Chainkua Reindorf, Studio Lani, Tekura, Cult Meraki, Hive Earth, ILE-ILA, Studio Koroye, Selassie Tetevie and Kofar Mata Dye Pit.

Africa By Design also seeks to blaze the trail in encouraging meaningful conversations and actions that position design as a sustainable medium of income for designers, and as a tool for social development and change on the continent.

As part of this year’s exhibition, two very insightful panel discussions took place. Panelists for the first set which took place on the 23rd of August included Tosin Oshinowo (ILE-ILA), Latifah Iddriss (Cult Meraki) and Lani Adeoye (Studio Lani).


I only made it to the second panel discussion which occurred on the 29th of August and included panelists: Funfere Koroye (Studio Koroye), Audrey Forson (Tekura), Selassie Tetevie (RAM Design) and moderated by Odile Tevie of Nubuke Foundation. The stimulating exchanges mostly hovered around understanding the needs of the design industry by policy makers and other players, as well as defining the role of designers in contributing to national development.

Follow this link to see more of Africa By Design’s projects.

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