“Living Spaces”

The Architecture and Design Festival Showcase.

November, 2019. The Octagon, Accra, Ghana.

On this rather crisp Accra night, l slowly made my way to the lofty Octagon in Accra for the opening of the Ghana Architecture and Design Festival Showcase.

Initiated as part of efforts to capture the synergies, innovations, and progress being made in the building arts industry in Ghana, this event heavily involved players found across the architecture value chain; from designers, engineers, artists, decorators, business people to consumers.


Different views on the theme of the event, “‘Living spaces,’ a showcase of local talent, concepts, ideas and models on affordable housing deficit in Ghana” were exchanged in a delightful panel discussion during the first hour.

Interesting takes were had on the country’s burgeoning housing deficit, and the concept of affordable housing which in reality is non-existent.

The second part of the show led us into the display and showcase of designs, art and interior decor by several industry players.


I was especially impressed by the level of craftsmanship and rich display of contemporary Ghanaian art and decorations.

It was a great night interacting with architecture heads in the country. My thoughts on the architecture industry in the country? I feel there’s a lot more the industry players can do to ensure affordable housing for all Ghanaians.

More on the official webpage of the festival.

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