This documentary short film tells Elmina’s history that has been passed on orally for generations, but through a contemporary lens. Originally known as Anomansa, Elmina was first discovered by Kwaa Mankwa after he encountered a stream of water, Benya, during one of his hunting escapades.

The film sees a return of Kwaa Mankwa to present day Elmina, taking the viewer on a journey through the town, as the ancestor muses on a special mission. Elmina is now a predominantly fishing community in the Central Region of Ghana, popular for bearing the Elmina Castle that held slaves; before they were shipped off to new worlds across the Atlantic.

“The purpose of my work is to entertain as well as inspire myself and others of African heritage (both young and old) to embrace new ways of thinking, ask deep questions about the status-quo, and unlearn harmful ways of thinking; especially those coded into the colonial framework. I guess I could rather use the word empowerment.” – Désiré Eli-Zafoe


  • Désiré Eli-Zafoe
  • Michael Kunke
  • Clement Amissah
  • Nana Preston


(NEW) Dates ~ 2022


Screening:  25th May 2022


Screening + Exhibition:  TBD

Dates ~ 2021


Screening I:  26th June

Screening + Exhibition: 12th November – December 2021